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Let us provide an affordable homecare solution for your aging loved one:


Helpmates is a homecare registry specializing in recruiting and recommending experienced and qualified live-in Companions and home Health Aides. Additionally, we strongly believe that homecare should be made affordable, especially in these tough economic times.


Your mother, father or family member should have the option of independent, self-sufficient and quality living among the comforts of their home.


Caregiver services: 

  • Comprehensive personal care: bathing, dressing, oral care, transfers/positioning, incontinence care, maintaining medication schedules, etc.


  • Quality of life care: preparing meals, noting physical and emotional changes, providing stimulation and companionship, performing light housekeeping etc.


  • Respite care: providing temporary relief for a primary family member caring for an ill parent or loved one  


  • Intermittent care: providing short-term care for your loved ones whether for a weekend, a family vacation or while you are away. Or perhaps, you just need a week or two of caregiving service while your family member is recovering from a minor illness or surgery.


  • Hospice care: Hospice is a philosophy of care. In conjunction with your professional hospice team, our caregivers are there to provide additional support. The goal is to enable patients to continue in an alert, pain-free condition so that their last days may be spent at home with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones.   


Our Clients: Our clients are often elderly individuals suffering from geriatric problems and/or debilitating  ailments such as Heart Disease, COPD, Emphysema, Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, MS, broken bones, etc. Whether you need a a little help or full time care on a live-in basis, Helpmates can help!


Let’s face it, it is not easy caring for our aging parents or loved ones, especially when they are afflicted with illness or disease and basic everyday activities become difficult to manage. We know families want to help; but a busy schedule coupled with the physical, emotional and financial aspects of caring for a family member often make it impossible.  


What can you do?  Take the first step – contact us! Our staff is waiting to answer your questions about your homecare possibilities.


Getting Started

Helpmates begins with a thorough phone or in-person assessment and is open to all your questions. We are always happy to suggest, offer and/or provide better solutions for your loved one’s homecare needs. Our aim is to help educate you about having a caregiver in the home.  We pride ourselves in matching  the caregiver’s skills and traits with the patient's needs and personalty in order to provide a smooth transition.   


The assessment will identify options that best fit the client/caregiver relationship. We will:


  • Determine which service best fits our client - 5 to 7 day live-in care or perhaps our hourly service


  • Discuss our potential client’s medical needs as well as their social and emotional state.  


  • Aim to establish a sense of confidence and reliability in us and our caregivers.


  • Identify client needs to specific caregiver expertise: For example, if you have a parent on Hospice, we will recommend a caregiver that is familiar with such a sensitive situation and be able to do their job with confidence and compassion.


You can be confident in us and the caregivers we reccomend


We know how difficult it may be entrusting an outsider to care for your loved one. Our Companions and Home Health Aides are thoroughly screened and interviewed by our staff to ensure they are able to live up to the high standards we set. In fact, we encourage you to meet and personally choose the caregiver.


  • A major strength of ours is caregiver/client continuity. Therefore we will discuss the advantages of having the same caregiver all the time except for time off for weekend relief and vacations.


  • We can offer you an affordable program very few agencies offer, and that is continuous coverage. If required, we can provide your loved one with additional assistance when your main caregiver needs time away. 

  • Since Helpmates is licensed in New Jersey as a “Health Care Service Firm” we are accepted by most insurance carriers as an eligible homecare provider. Therefore, if your loved one has long-term home care insurance coverage, we can assist you with your reimbursement benefits.


  • Based on the suggested plan, we can mutually decide how to implement the best care possible.







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